About Melton: Nature out West

Nature out West has been created to highlight the beauty & diversity of Melton’s flora & fauna, as well as its more spectacular land forms.

Melton has the undeserved reputation as being lacking in trees, wildlife, wildflowers or scenic places. Nothing could be further from the truth but most people are completely unaware of some of our more spectacular landforms. The impending destruction of much of Melton’s landscape under residential development highlights that there is little appreciation of Melton’s natural environment.

Examples of our spectacular landscape include:

• Werribee River Volcanic Gorge at Exfordclass a gully 3 jun 2008

Werribee Volcanic Gorge adjacebt to Surbiton Park (taken from Class A Gully)


Rocky escarpment in Werribee River Volcanic Gorge

• Melton Reservoir is a great water-filled canyon, with spectacular, steep sides & escarpments

Melton Reservoir & Mt Cottrell

Exford Reservoir at Melton South (Rees Road)


Exford Reservoir at Hopetoun Park

• Toolern Creek flows through Melton into a narrow volcanic gorge in Toolern Regional Park

lower Toolern Creek volcanic gorge

lower Toolern Creek volcanic gorge 1

• Arnolds Creek plunges into a short but steep gorge before flowing into the Werribee River

• There are several native grasslands & woodland remnants abounding in birdlife.

Many people regularly observe wildlife & wildflowers so they are invited to share their observations & photos with others by posting these on the blog.

Environmental contractors especially visit out of the way areas & see things that most of us are completely unaware of. People are invited to post their observations & photos of Melton’s birds & other wildlife, plants, wildflowers & landscapes.

People who observe our local wildlife & landforms are invited to add their photos & observations.

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