Wathaurung Walk at Eynesbury

On Saturday 13th July Eynesbury Environment Group invited Eynesbury & other local residents to participate in a presentation & walk led by Melissa Kennedy of the Wathaurung people, to celebrate NAIDOC Week.

Melissa welcomed everybody to country in a traditional smoking ceremony in the Wathaurung language. Melissa spoke of how the Wathaurung people lived in the region for many thousands of year, taking care of the land that sustained for countless millennia.

She also spoke of the tragic dispossession of the native people to make way for European settlement. The violent manner of this dispossession is yet to be properly acknowledged & is still disputed by many!

Chris Lunardi & Leigh Francis then led the group on a walk to the nearby Eynesbury Falls, which was flowing after recent rains. These flow only after heavy rains, falling into a deep volcanic gorge. Although this gorge is but a short distance, between Eynesbury homestead & the nearby Werribee River, it is quite dramatic, cutting deeply into the volcanic plain. This short but deep gorge then joins the nearby Werribee River Volcanic Gorge.

Chris led us to an old Grey Box scar tree in Eynesbury Forest. Melinda described how such scars may have been made, and to what purpose.

We then found another old Red Gum tree with a burnt out hollow. It was evident that the scar had opriginally been cut out, then later it had been burnt out

Chris pointed out a meat ant nest that had been ripped open exposing the tunnels within, probably by an Echidna.

Unfortunately the morning was cold and blustery, explaining the absence of birds and other wildlife. However, as we stood at the top of the waterfall, watching as it plunged into the deep gorge below, we noticed a Wedge-tailed Eagle nest in a tall Red Gum opposite the waterfall.  A more dramatic site for an eagles’ nest could not be imagined. We also observed a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles soaring over the vast volcanic plain to the east. Almost the classic iconic depiction of Bunjil surveying the Wathaurung and Wurundjeri lands.

Chris Lunardi of Eynesbury Environment Group & Melinda Kennedy of the Wathaurung nation

Melinda of the Wathaurung nation giving welcome to country & smoking ceremony

Welcome to country & smoking ceremony

Eynesbury Falls

Deep gorge into which Eynesbury Falls plunge

Above Eynesbury Falls

Eynesbury Falls

Top of Eynesbury Falls

Top of Eynesbury Falls


Top of Eynesbury Falls

Echidna diggings in Purple Meat Ant nest in Eynesbury Forest

Burnt out hollow in Eynesbury Forest

Kangaroo tracks in Eynesbury Forest

Mystery stone formation near Eynesbury Falls







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