More Pinkerton after dark

More wildlife recorded in Pinkerton Forest after dark. These Brush-tailed Possums (mother with young too large for the pouch)

are regular visitors to the water trough. A Koala and unfortunately a Fox are also regular visitors.

A series of photos were taken by a trail camera at the two water troughs placed in Pinkerton Forest (beside the Green Shed & in Upper Pinkerton) as well as beside the Pinkerton Link / Mulla Mulla gate giving us an insight as to what happens in Pinkerton in our absence! We have also had a glimpse into night time activities in Pinkerton. The water troughs appear to be a focus of activity, both day and night. The trough beside the Green Shed especially is a focus of activity for a variety of local wildlife (native and non-native). A dramatic incident recorded a Fox in pursuit of a Possum beside the water trough. Fortunately both the possum and its young were photographed the following night so they both survived the chase!

Mother Brush-tailed Possum with young

Koala beside water trough in Pinkerton Forest

Eyes in the dark: Fox beside water trough in Pinkerton Forest

Fox in pursuit of Possum in Pinkerton Forest





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