MEG Nestbox Project 2018 : Melton Secondary College

MEG have taken delivery of 22 wooden nest boxes created by woodworking students of Melton Secondary College Technology Dept. Students were provided with a list of wildlife likely to frequent Arnolds Creek.  As part of their assessment the students picked one species each, then researched the appropriate box size. They also produced a poster describing their chosen bird species, with its appearance, habits & requirements.

Having the students ‘own’ a species is excellent, as is having them research the requirement themselves. Knowing what wildlife they are creating nests for will hopefully make them more conscious of the diversity of bird species here in Melton, in the knowledge that they are creating habitat and nest sites for them.

‘I am thinking of making bird feeders as the main project focus next term – just a simple platform with a surround to confine the seed. Do you have a use for such things? – I will be encouraging the students to place one in their backyard if they can.’    Tony Schaefer, Technology Teacher, Melton Secondary College

Melton Environment Group is grateful for the work of Paul Schaefer & the woodwork students of Melton Secondary College (Technology Dept) for their research, design & building of nest boxes for Melton’s native wildlife. These will create valuable homes & habitat for wildlife along the Arnolds Creek corridor

The Arnolds Creek Biolink Project is a project whereby a wildlife corridor is being created through Melton along Arnolds Creek, by Melton Environment Group, City of Melton, Melbourne Water, Melton Church of Jesus Christ’s Latterday Saints, with support from Melton Mens Shed, Melton Secondary College, Djerriwarrh Health, Rockbank Primary SChool, Coburns Primary School Melton South Primary School & Toolern Vale Primary SChool.

Many thanks to Tony Schaefer & the woodwork students of Melton Secondary College!

Several of the nestboxes will be handed to Melton South School & Toolern Vale Primary Schools for the students to decorate, according to their own imaginations, in 2019.


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