Hobbies displace Ravens from nest

A pair of Australian Hobbies (aka Little Falcon) have taken over this Little Raven nest in Melton South. Ravens have nested in this tree for the last couple of decades. They had occupied the nest as usual this winter, but they were suddenly absent & a pair of Hobbies had occupied the nest. The Ravens still visit but now when they fly off with food or sticks in a direction direction. No battle between the birds had been observed so the circumstances of the change in ownership of the nest is not known. Falcons commonly use old Raven’s nest however this nest was in use & not abandoned. It remains to be seen whether they can retain possession of the nest. The Ravens have not yet abandoned their nest, haunting the site & loudly croaking their displeasure. The Falcons however remain in possession of the nest, perching vigilantly in the upper branches & making regular noisy swooping patrols.

There appears to be a Mudlark nest in the lower branches of the same tree. The Mudlarks regularly visit the lower branches. The Mudlards keep to the lower part of the tree while the Hobbies keep to the upper canopy
The Hobbies are constantly being harassed by the Long-billed Corellas that roost in the Sugar Gums about 100 metres along the street. The Corellas regularly land in the upper canopy of the tree, screeching loudly. The Hobbies retaliate by swooping through the canopy although the birds do not seem to make contact. The Hobbies are quite noisy, as are the Corellas.
The local Rainbow Lorikeets & Turtledoves were quite nervous for a while but they seem to be used to the new neighbours now. The smaller birds are still a bt nervous but becoming less so as time goes on. They have not been observed hunting in the nest vicinity. The Sparrowhawks that regularly visited the backyard to eat sparrows seem to have deserted the area. They may be nesting near the Melton South shopping centre


One response to “Hobbies displace Ravens from nest

  1. Just discovered this site, love it!!
    I saw the Australian Hobby doing hunting patrols over my backyard in Brookfield twice last month (September). Good to know they are new residents. Just before I looked up to see, the blackbirds in my yard gave a loud warning call…they saw him first!

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