Silver Banksias return to Mount Cottrell

In August 2017 Frances and Daryl of Pinkerton Landcare & Environment Group planted three Silver Banksias (Banksia marginata) on the eastern slope of Mt Cottrell.

These were grown from seed collected from the last remaining banksias on the plains in this area. Those few trees remaining are now said to be very old and declining.

Environmental contractors Western Land Services built a sturdy rabbit-proof fence to enclose the Banksias, funded by City of Melton. They then placed a kangaroo-proof guard around each individual Banksia.

Silver Banksias were once quite widely distributed on the stony rises across the plains (described on old maps as Honeysuckle) but now are probably all gone.

These three trees may well become the only remaining Silver Banksias on the grassland plains in the western region.

As these plants grow to maturity they may eventually supply seeds to re-establish this species on the remnant western grasslands that hopefully will be protected in the face of increasing development in the region

The Banksias had to be watered several times over the following summer and autumn due to a lack of rain.

Silver Banksia planted on Mt Cottrell

Mick, Peter & Frances on Mt Cottrell

Peter & Mick ramming star picket into the ground

View over proposed Western Grassland Reserve to Melbourne skyline

Tom & Frances watering Banksias on Mt Cottrell


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