Swift Parrot in Eynesbury

This Swift Parrot was photographed by Leigh Francis in his garden in Eynesbury. This is a very significant sighting as Swift Parrots are a threatened species & they are not often seen here. Another reason why woodland remnants such as Eynesbury need to be protected! It also illustrates the value of providing water in gardens for birds. Perhaps it was thirsty after its long flight across the stormy waters of Bass Strait from Tasmania. Without the presence of the bird bath the visit of the Swift Parrot to Eynesbury may not have been observed. Swift Parrots are a threatened species that breed in Tasmania but migrate to the Australian mainland for the winter. As winter ends they make the return flight back to Tasmania. Their survival is threatened mainly by habitat destruction. Although they are not lorikeets, they also feed on nectar. Early in April 2007 five Swift Parrots were seen in Melton Gilgai Woodland in Harkness Road.


One response to “Swift Parrot in Eynesbury

  1. I spotted a pair of Swift Parrots in Hannah Watts Park in Melton in early April.
    Although this is quite a busy place at times, it is well supplied with water and tree cover.

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