Marbled Gecko in Melton South

This Marbled Gecko was found in a wheelbarrow in a Melton South lawn. A developing egg can plainly be seen through its translucent skin. Geckoes are commonly seen with one or two eggs. The pattern on its tail shows the gecko has its original tail. Regrown tails lack the distinctive pattern of the original tail.

Back in October we discovered another Marbled Gecko in a plastic watering bucket as we planted at Brookfield. Its adhesive toes enabled it to cling to the sides of the bucket. This gecko also had its original tail. Rather than risk injuring it or causing it to lose its tail by attempting to catch it & return it home, we released it into the old burnt, hollow tree stump. It also appeared to be in the process of shedding its skin. This more environmentally appropriate home should be equally to its liking as its old home in the bucket.


Gecko showing egg





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