Serrated Tussock

Serrated Tussock

Serrated Tussock is a noxious weed that is a constant threat to both environmental reserves like Mulla Mulla Grassland as well as grazing & farming land. City of Melton, Western Water & local environment groups devote considerable resources to eradicating this weed.

Mulla Mulla Grassland is the jewel in the crown of grassland reserves in the Western Region, having been restored by City of Melton over many years. It is the best local example of what our vast native grasslands must have once looked like.

Unfortunately seed from uncontrolled Serrated Tussock blows from surrounding properties.  Serrated Tussock blown into Mulla Mulla Grassland from other properties will be in the reserve for a considerable amount of time and will cost Melton council a substantial amount of money to control


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