Diamond Firetails (& other birds) in Melton Gilgai Woodland

A recent walk through Melton Gilgai Woodland in June found 26 bird species.

Of special interest were the elusive Diamond Firetails. Following their calls tracked them down to the southern edge of the woodland.

The trees are here encroaching into the former farmland, with several Greybox sapling ranging from 1 – 5 metres in height.

Beside the trees the grasses are tall & rank but among the trees themselves are sparse & scattered native grasses, providing a diversity of grass cover.

These vulnerable woodland birds are declining locally so it was positive to find 15 birds!

A nest that appeared to be a Diamond Firetail nest was found blown to the ground. This hopefully could be evidence that these endangered birds are nesting in Melton Gilgai Woodland!

The Firetails were part of a large mixed flock of small birds comprising Diamond Firetails, White-naped Honeyeater, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, White Plumed Honeyeaters

& a pair of Golden Whistlers. They formed a noisy mixed flock what darted in & out of the trees saplings, making them extremely difficult to distinguish, let alone photograph. The snowy-white breasts of the Firetails were matched by the equally snowy-white breasts of the White-naped Honeyeaters as they all moved swiftly among the foliage.


White-faced heron 1

Wedge-tailed Eagle          2

Brown Falcon               1

Common Bronzewing     15

Crested Pigeon   20    Ra

inbow Lorikeet           10

Musk Lorikeet           6

Galah                               4

Eastern Rosella    6

Red-rumped Parrot         10

Willy Wagtail        10

Jacky Winter                     1

Flame Robin         5

Grey Shrike-tit                   1

Blue Wren            10

Noisy Miner                     15

Yellow-faced Honeyeater 15

Red Wattlebird  10

White-naped Honeyeater  20

Mudlark              2

White-plumed Honeyeater 20

Magpie               4

Little Raven           5

Damond Firetail                 15

Welcome Swallow 5

Golden Whistler                2


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